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All Equine Health Care
San Diego Area Contact: Dr. Linda Byer
Work Phone: 760.751.0807 Work Fax: 751.9872 Website:
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Banning Veterinary Hospital
San Bernardino Area Contact: Dr. Westbrook Dr. Dunn
Work Phone: 951.849.3864
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Desert Mountain Veterinary
High Desert Area Contact: Dr. Dennis Loveless Dr. Megan Dispenza
Home 655 Highway 138 Pinon Hills CA Work Phone: 760-868-2418 Website:
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Dr. Aiden Mc Neal
Los Angeles County Palmdale/Lancaster
Work 2330 Mall Loop Rd. Suite 115 Lancaster CA 93536 Work Phone: 661.942.3070
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Dr. Gay Naiditch
Work Phone: 661.272.1616
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Dr. Margo Machen, DMV, PH.D.
San Bernardino Area
Work 1042 N. Mountair Ave. #B-491 Upland CA 91786 Work Phone: 909.982.4442 Work Fax: 900.931.4436 Website: http://
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East County Large animal Practice
San Diego Area-East County Contact: Dr.Craig Chandler
Work Phone: 619.561.4661 Website:

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Dr. Greg Smith, Dr. Craig Chandler, Dr. Daniel Oman, Dr. Lance Campbell, Dr. Sara Clark Equine Veterinary Services

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CAHFS-UC Davis San Bernardino Laboratory
Necropsy Service
Other 105 West Central Ave. San Bernardino CA 92408-2113 Work Phone: 909.383.4287 Work Fax: 909.884.5980
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Post Mortem Transportation
Work Phone: 909.390.9828

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Will transport to State Lab

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San Diego Animal Rescue  619-236-2341


New medical reference book for Camelids

This new book would make a great Christmas gift for your veterinarian!

Camelid Drug Formulary    

By James M. Jensen, DVM

Diplomate ACZM

c. 2006  First Edition


This book is a compilation of referenced drug doses for South American camelids (alpacas, llamas, guanacos, vicunas) and Asiatic (Bactrian) and Arabian (dromedary) camels.  It is a unique and valuable text that has an abundance of information for veterinarians, technicians and raisers.  This text contains approximately 1500 drug dosages derived from over 360 scientific references.


The content of the book is physically divided between South American and old world camelids.  This allows quick acquisition of dosage information.  It also has sections on nomenclature, drug classification, unique physiology, weight estimation, and metabolic drug scaling.  This text is spiral bound for easy use and is approximately 400 pages in length.  The pages are color-coded; white pages for South American camelids and beige pages for camels.

Special Considerations Related to Camelid Therapy

[There is a separate Table of Contents for camels; many of those sections have the same headings as the South American Camelid sections.]


Ordering Information:


Cost:   $64.00 (USD) plus $7.00 shipping and handling; (residents of Texas add $5.20 for taxes).


Payment:  Cashier’s check or money order made out to Game Ranch Health, Inc (Send to:

4419 James Bowie, San Antonio, Texas, USA  78253)


Credit Card (via PayPal)  – see




LANA Makes a Difference for Vets Who Help Our Llamas

The Llama Association of North America (LANA) wants to get camelid reference packages into the hands of practicing veterinarians across the country in order to advance camelid health education.  That’s the major focus of the Hand in Hand Program, now in its third year, and LANA is seeking nominations for the next round of recipients.

The number of llama and alpaca owners nationwide has continued to increase, while the number of practicing veterinarians familiar with camelids and their health needs has lagged far behind.  Even with a number of veterinary schools providing at least some education about llamas and alpacas, far too many vets don’t have as much knowledge about camelid medical needs as do many owners.  LANA is attempting to help close that gap.

The Hand in Hand Program’s goal is to provide at least two veterinarians a year with a reference package that includes copies of Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids, by Dr. Murray Fowler, Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care, by Dr. Bradford Smith, and/or Llama & Alpaca Field Manual, by Dr. Norm Evans.

Nominations are due at LANA’s business office by December 31, and recipients will be selected at the LANA board meeting in January.  If you get your 2005 LANA membership application to the business office before the end of the year, you are also eligible to also include a nomination to the Hand in Hand Program.  Nominate a deserving veterinarian in your area for this important program.  Nominations not selected in January will continue to be part of the pool from which future recipients are chosen.

The LANA membership application and the nomination form for the Hand in Hand Program are available on LANA’s web site at or from LANA’s business office at 1800 S. Obenchain Rd., Eagle Point, OR 97524-9437 or 541-830-5253.

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